What does Tea consist of and what is an Orthodox tea?

what teaWell tea not only makes us feel good – it can also help make us healthy!


The main components of tea consist of essential oils, polyphonous and caffeine.

Firstly, the essential oils give the tea its taste and smell. All the good, healthy parts is provided by the polyphonous as it gives teas its astringency and briskness. Tea’s energy boost is due to it containing caffeine (that’s also in coffee – the next best drink of the day maybe?).


Many writers describe teas as either orthodox or unorthodox teas. So what is an ‘orthodox’ tea you may ask? Well its best described as one where the top to leaves and the bud if the plant is only used. The methods used are copied activated by processing the leaves by traditional methods. Therefore, with orthodox teas, the leaves are handpicked and processed using old methods of drying and can takes several days or weeks to produce a small batch.

Unorthodox teas are those produced quickly and normally are black teas. They can be plucked by hand or machine and usually produced on a commercial scale. They are sometimes referred to as CTC (crush -tear-curl teas) as they are produced by machine that crushes, tears and curls them into a grape like ball. These are usually used in teabags and their flavour is strong and powerful.