About Tea Brings Joy

Isn’t tea the best drink of the day?

What are we about?

Well, after water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world!

Tea is not just a refreshing drink but the benefits to our minds and health are great. It helps us celebrate when we are happy and it rejuvenates us when we feel under the weather.

So as we are all going to wine tasting parties so why can’t we do the same for teas.

This is our online version of our Great Tea Tasting Party and we will introduce a few.

We have so many varieties to choose from that we could all share, compare and like. Our purpose is to review and introduce some of our favourite teas for you to purchase and enjoy.

Through research and discovering new teas we hope to find you something you can sing about?


Why we think this will be good for you…..

Tea drinking tries to make you happy when you are sad, its what you gasp for when you haven’t had a cup  and it is something we can share with family, friends, work colleagues and whoever we manage to bump into. It can be fun , serious and healthy or whatever you want it to be. Just to be serious…..

We want to introduce you the health and wellness attributes of tea. It has so many great qualities such as being calorie free, contains antioxidants and has less caffeine than coffee. Specific health attributes include reducing heart attacks and strokes, battle cancer and protect the immune system. Whether its weight loss or making you calm, tea may have the remedy …so let’s try to help you find that special cuppa to put your world to rights!


Our Goal is ……

To promote teas we are fortunate enough to discover and celebrate them with the online world who share our passion for tea.

All the best,


Mrs T



Lesley Thomas

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