How can I make my green tea taste better?

Green tea

Jasmine green tea called Dragon Tears. With bamboo tea strainer.

Sometimes Green Tea could do with a bit more taste and not so bitter flavour. It is often commented “I HATE GREEN TEA’ because of the bland taste and it could be sweetened. It doesn’t have milk and not normally with sugar so how can we improve the taste.

The benefits of green tea

These are numerous so once you hit on a good way to drink this tea it can only get better for your well-being.

The benefits of green tea include weight loss, increases antioxidants, good for your teeth, helps brain functionality and helps with diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

What are ways to make green tea

Normally the water is boiled to around 160 -180 degrees and poured onto the tea where it brews for around two to three minutes. Either get a kettle that states the water temperature or boil the kettle and let it cool. Good quality water also helps -using water that is purified,altered or even spring water could improve the taste because they probably taste better naturally.

Tip: Make sure the water is not too hot

Making the green tea

Allow the tea to brew – just add the water and let it sit for about 3 minutes. To get the tea to your liking by tasting the tea every 30 seconds. As a rule, the less time you have for the tea to brew- the more bitter the taste you will get.

The quantity of tea used to water should be roughly 2 grams of tea to 6 ounces of water.

Using a strainer will reduce the residues of the leaves in your cuppa and this will improve the experience if the drink.

The quality of the tea should be fresh and preferably loose-leaf. You normally pay for what you get so cheaper varieties are not generally the best. Loose tea is always considered better than tea bags but it has to be said that tea bags are improving all the time.

Ingredient to add to green tea to make it taste better.

If you have to add something to the tea to make it taste better you probably want to sweeten it.

Honey or sweetener added to the tea will take away the bitterness. You could also add mint and lemon juice which should enhance the flavour of the tea. Adding lemon juice to the tea has the added value of adding Vitamin C. You could get creative and add lime or orange juice which would also enhance the flavour, take away the bitterness and increase the health benefits.

Try to avoid adding sugar and milk

For some a cup of tea. Must have sugar and milk but green tea is famed for its health benefits. By adding milk to it makes the tea’s natural benefits hard for the body to absorb and the addition of sugar is never normally a good ingredient at anytime.

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